Annual Minutes and Board Meeting 2021

Attendance David Tang, CEO Old/New Business 90% of the income has been from the Equites and Bond Markets via TD Ameritrade. We also deployed less than 3% of funds to as a hedge against inflation. Bought MTG cards to resell at a higher value in the future.

YouTube Stars

Graham Stephan Andrei Jikh Magic of Finance Andrei Jikh explain taxes: HE IS NOT A FINANCE OR A TAX The Credit Shifu LINUS MEDIA GROUP THIS IS EPIC: Plus I am guessing Linus recouped his funds from sales of T-Shirts and etc.


DTBT, LLC has been using Dropbox since 6/13/2019. Here is an invite code for 500mb free.  


TrackYourDividends is a free tool that helps you track your dividend income and lets you see how diversified your dividend portfolio is. We use this tool to track our dividend payouts.